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MIXINGGet high-end professional mixing services! We offer Affordable Mixing Services with quick turnaround time
RECORDINGThe Dare To Dream Studio London is a top-quality music recording studio and production company specialising in writing, production, recording and artist development.
PRODUCTIONIf you need a professional track to compete with the bests in the industry, our professional producers can creates a music track for you. This helps the artist to save time and focus on live gigs and other activities. Dare to Dream Ghost production services can help you in producing a full ghost produced track, co-production work and ready-made ghost produced tracks.
VocalsAt Dare To Dream we are dedicated to helping DJs find their voice by giving them access to our catalogue of fresh songs and vocal

We handpick all our vocalists, vocal producers and songwriters and carefully curate every song we serve you.

Thanks to our diverse roster, we are able to provide you with a great mix of affordable and exclusive songs that you will not find anywhere else.

MASTERINGGet high-end professional mastering services! We offer Affordable Mastering Services with quick turnaround time

Spotify Promotion

Through the Dare To Dream Spotify promotion your music can reach the most important editorial and independent playlists on Spotify.

Tracks promoted through our service have reached the most important editorial playlist with millions of followers.


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